Alfonso Estate Liquidation

How much time is needed to set-up a sale?

Each residence is different. It can be as little as one week or as long as three weeks. We will be determine the necessary pre-sale preparation during first tour of the property. At that time we will be able to see how much inventory we will be dealing with, clean-up needed and the clients' goals.

How many days will the sale run?

A regular home sale can be done in two or three day open sale. In some instances when we are dealing with extremely large estates, we will conduct the sale for two consecutive weekends.

What are the requirements to have a Estate Sale at my home?

The first thing to take  in consideration is, if the area where the home is located allows Estate Sales. Many condominiums or gated communities will not allow it.

What Happens with the items that do not sell.

Depending on the clients needs, and services contracted, we can coordinate, packing and pick-ups for charity, or consignment at our Retail store or Auction House.