Alfonso Estate Liquidation

Our clients are baby boomers downsizing, professionals moving due to relocation,  trustees or heirs


Our family owned business combines 20 years of experience in Sales & Design, extensive knowledge of antiques and collectibles, and a friendly staff, will handle as little or as much as you need to accomplish your goal.

If you are a trying to liquidate a home full of memories due to downsizing or the passing of a loved one, we will assist you through the process by customizing our services to your needs.

We are very conscious about the environment and the impact of dumping in a landfill. For this reason we give a second chance to “ Un-sellable”  items  through restoration or re-purposing.

We also support a number of charities in the East Bay and in the greater Bay Area through donations after our sales. 

What set us apart from other companies:

  • Our style. Each home tells a story by its contents. We celebrate the opportunity to find buyers who will appreciate them with a fun and inviting environment. We do not do "private sales" for a select group of customers. We give all our customers (both new and old) the same opportunity to enter the home the same day. Our "international" team members are fluent in English, French and Spanish, and is skilled with communicating with a diverse customer base.
  • Tiers of liquidation. Some home treasures are better suited for a different sales channel than a Estate Sale.  When we uncover fine art, rare pieces or high value objects, we will suggest that our clients consign these items. One option is to place them for retail sale at our Interior design on-line shop "Antiques & Eclectika". An additional option is to put them up for auction at "Alfonso Estate Auction" (on-line auction).  This allows us to expose these items to buyers across the country and overseas, thereby maximizing profits in the process.
  • Our talented team members can stage the home after the sale and have it picture perfect for open house.
  • Coming Soon....... we will have a team of real estate professionals to assist you in selling the home, thus rounding out our suite of estate services.



Our loyal customers come from  a wide variety of backgrounds, including: private collectors, interior designers and antique dealers


we're more than just your Estate Liquidation Company

Salvation Army is our main charity.


Our Clients